Samstag, 5. März 2011

Homework: Summary of Chapters 1+2

The first chapter of Lois Lowrey’s novel “The Giver” deals with the situation Jonas, the main character, lives in. It begins as Jonas tells something about their non-normal lifestyle. For him it seams to be the same as every day, but when he tells how “frightened” he and all the community members were, when they had seen an aircraft flying above their “community”, it seams really crazy. Also his following story about Asher, a friend, and their strict learning of word using does. All in all it shows that the community includes a really organized life.
The scene Jonas sits with his family to take their evening meal is odd, too. They all speak about their feelings and what occupies them. The things his sister, father and mother tell are almost trifles (Kleinigkeiten), although it helps them to speak about it.
Jonas tells his family that he is apprehensive because of December, which is in the whole chapter indicated. There will be the important “Ceremony of Twelve” which defines his future. Additionally to that the second chapter connects. Lily, Jonas’ sister, has to change her clothes to nightdress, so that Jonas’ parents can talk to their son privately.
In the beginning the reader gets what this “December Ceremonies” are. They are like birthdays, although the ‘parents’ don’t give birth to their own children but take them in one “December Ceremony”. The conversation shows more and more how many structures are in the community –from birth to death everything is controlled. You hear how Jonas’ family got Lily, Jonas’ dad became a “Nurturer” in his “Ceremony of Twelve” and how he works.
Jonas’ parents tell him what and how the ceremony is, what for recognitions they got and that there is no reason to be afraid, although a lot of things are changing because of it.
Generally there are a lot of hints (Hinweise) how many rules the people of the community have to obey and that the consequences can be very cruel.

As own opinion I would say: This is not like a Perfect World.


  1. Why isn't this a perfect world for you? Seems very nice to me to have such a well-structured life.

  2. I think a perfect world would be a world I can decide what I become. I would not be happy, if anyone else is able to control me and everything in my life. I would not know my real mother and you know: We see the world in its whole beauty. Would YOU life in a world, someone controls anything you do, think, see, hear and so on?

  3. Yeah, from our perspective - we know what freedom is - this might seem cruel, but if you are living in that world (and would not even know that there's a different way of life) you probably would not even notice the missing freedom. You can only miss what you had once...

    Also everyone's having a job in that world (and to me it sounds like they are looking for a job that really fits to each one), which is not the case nowadays. So for some people this place, where you don't need to worry about the basics of life, could be a place they'd enjoy very much.

  4. Do you really think a world without any real feelings could be a "perfect world"? The humans are not able to have no feelings 'cause of their natural instincts, but in "The Giver" Jonas and his family, friends, the other community members are not allowed to have any normal feelings. All people have another one they love, hate, like or dislike. That's normal and it can not be healthy to hold them back.
    Maybe the life of the whole community becomes easier, but it is not unusual that there are some people who have to be released. You are not able to control this completly and if anyone is distroying your structure and rules, the perfect world will be show its bad side: That it will end in a disaster.
    That's my opinion ;)